Inbound Transfers


The AATC will answer all incoming requests for patient consult or transfer; place patients with an admitting physician and consulting physician; verify bed availability; coordinate transport; and reintegrate patients back to the sending hospital or into a specific hospital network.



Outbound Transfers


The AATC will place all patients requiring consult or reintegration and coordinate transfers due to the unavailability of services at the sending facility. The AATC will work to place a patient with an admitting physician, consulting physician, verify bed availability and coordinate transport.  


Primary Care MD Notification


The AATC will provide real-time primary care physician notification, giving the PCP the option of admitting the patient or coordinating via the hospital’s admitting service. At the physician’s request, notification will be made to PCP within 24 hours of the patient being admitted. 





To help our customers understand trends and opportunities in their marketplace, the AATC offers tailored reporting from multiple data sets.


Sample reports:

  • Total Transfer Requests
  • Completed, Cancelled or Declined Transfer Requests
  • Type of Transfer or Transport Requests
  • Payer Source
  • Referral Management


Transportation Arrangements


The AATC can arrange both domestic and international transportation to meet your patients’ needs.


Coordinated service types include:

  • Wheelchair Accessibility
  • Gurney Van
  • BLS
  • ALS
  • CCT
  • Rotor Wing/Helicopter
  • Airplane/Jet