When rapid patient placement is vital, we manage the entire patient transfer process — whether emergent or non-emergent. From small critical access hospitals to large specialized medical centers, the All-Access Transfer Center provides your medical staff with access to the latest technology to coordinate both acute and non-acute patient transfers with one call to activate our services.

Our services adhere to the physician’s declaration of medical necessity to ensure proper levels of care and patient placement are met, whether inbound to your facility or outbound to an appropriate receiving facility. Once call is initiated from hospital staff or the patient’s physician, the All-Access Transfer Center will locate the most appropriate hospital, verify bed availability, determine admitting and consulting physicians, and arrange medical transport based on patient need.

Our team of Patient Care Coordinators facilitates a smooth transfer process by using the “Six R’s” of access, allowing you to regain valuable time and focus your efforts where they matter most – patient care. 


  • AATC Single Point of Contact for Patient Admissions
  • Enhanced Communication for all Parties
  • 24/7 Operations
  • Primary Care Physician Notification
  • Digitally Recorded Calls for Quality Assurance